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The next RISE Research (Volume 8) focuses on science and service-learning as a multifaceted research-based learning strategy designed to improve academic engagement, civic responsibility, and resiliency for students "at-risk" to drop out of school. In addition, science and service-learning is recognized as an effective strategy for motivating students to attend college, plan for STEM careers, and encourage students and adults to collaborate as partners to improve their communities.

Goals are selected to promote dialogue in the research community for sharing research on teaching conducted in science and service-learning in K-16 contexts. This may include impact of science and service-learning on:

  • a. Student science academic engagement and academic achievement.
  • b. Teacher instructional strategies.
  • c. Science curricula adaptation or development.
  • d. Civic responsibility of students and community partners.
  • e. Resiliency of "at-risk" students.

Our nation faces a dropout crisis. One-third of our total students and one-half of our African American and Hispanic students fail to finish high school in four years. Of those who do finish, a significant number of U.S. students, especially those living in high poverty areas in Alabama and Georgia lag behind their international peers in math and science. Experts in business and education argue that unless America renews our commitment to excellence and development of scientific talent, the long-term prosperity of our nation may be at risk.

Eighty-one percent of dropouts have told us that had they been provided engaging instruction in high school with real-world learning to make school more relevant (experiences like service-learning), they would have been more likely to have finished school. Having been recognized as an effective strategy for inspiring student learning, active learning, and engagement in school, service-learning has been credited as an instructional strategy for improving high school graduation rates, motivating students to finish college and engage in careers about which they are passionate. At the same time, service-learning has benefitted communities as students have worked side-by-side with adult partners including community leaders, researchers, parents, teachers, and other students.

Manuscripts are being requested for this RISE Volume 8 relating to areas such as integrating classroom instruction in science and service-learning to:

  • a. Make learning more engaging.
  • b. Encourage collaboration among students, teachers, and community partners.
  • c. Improve academic competence.
  • d. Create social/civic responsibility.
  • e. Develop workforce readiness.
  • f. Stimulate resiliency in "at-risk" students.
  • g. Improve student interest in STEM subjects and majors.
  • h. Develop STEM career interest.

To be eligible for selection a full chapter manuscript must focus on four elements:

  1. Include a significant review of research in the problem area.
  2. Address themes relevant for the teaching and learning of K-16 science and service-learning.
  3. Include a report of original research by the author(s) addressing the major theme of the chapter.
  4. Bridge gaps between theory and practice and/or research and practice.
  5. Address the concerns and needs of school/community context stakeholders including students, teachers, parents, administrators, and community members.

It is recommended that authors first send by January 30, 2014, a brief one-page description of the proposed manuscript chapter (listing authors and affiliations) and including a description of the author's original research to be included for editor's comment. This should be done before preparing and sending a chapter manuscript draft. Invited chapter manuscripts to be considered for review must be submitted by April 30, 2014, to be evaluated by the Volume 8 review committee for possible inclusion. RISE is a peer reviewed research series.

This RISE Volume 8, Science and Service-Learning, Editors include:

Dr. Jane Newman, University of Alabama,,edu, and Dr. Dennis Sunal, University of Alabama,

Rise Series Editors: Dr. Dennis Sunal, University of Alabama, and Dr. Emmett Wright, Kansas State University.

Send all questions and manuscripts to Dr. Jane Newman,, Phone: 205.967.4163.

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